Fractal Solutions is an agency founded by 3 young entrepreneurs wishing to elevate customer service standards in the web industry while enhancing current practices. We are dedicated to helping local businesses grow by providing them with reliable web tools.

Our field of work evolves quickly, but we apply the latest standards of the industry and use efficient techniques for all of our projects. This way, we exceed expectations and stay ahead of our competition.

On this picture, members of Fractal Solutions are dressed by La boutique Markus, in Repentigny. A huge thank you to their team!

A little byte of knowledge.


noun, adjective | mathematics

Fractals are often associated with recursive operations on shapes or sets of numbers, in which the result of the operation is used as the input to the same operation, repeating the process indefinitely(∞). The operations themselves are usually very simple, but the resulting shapes or sets are often dramatic and complex, with interesting properties. 1

1 Modern Language Association (MLA): "fractal". The American Heritage® Science Dictionary. Houghton Mifflin Company. 19 May. 2016.

Figure 1. A dragon curve is any member of a family of self-similar fractal curves.